The Process of Designing Your Landscape

The landscape design process is straight forward. The first priority is understanding your requests and the features on your property. From there, a first draft of the design can be illustrated leading into a virtual meeting to discuss revisions if needed.

The final drawing will be drafted in AutoCAD and contain construction details and information allowing contractors to bid and implement your landscape.

Step 1: Reviewing Your Property & Understanding Your Design Requests

To start your project, a clear understanding of your vision and property must be obtained. If a site visit is unfeasible, using existing site surveys, photos and Google Earth will be adequate in shaping a clear picture of your property. Scheduling a phone call or virtual meeting, we can discuss your vision and requests for your site.

Step 2: Designing the Challenges into Opportunities

No site is perfect, and studying the site in-depth reveals the opportunities and challenges your property presents. Designing with nature while incorporating your requests, leads to a refined first draft drawing in AutoCAD. The initial design will be supported with reference photos, sketches and a password protected video to walk you through the first draft.

Step 3: Reviewing the First Design Draft and Noting Revisions

After watching the first draft video, another phone call or virtual meeting can be scheduled. Questions can be answered and any revisions can be noted before finalizing the design and construction documents.


First draft of landscape design showing design with key area callouts. (Click to enlarge)


Step 4: Finalizing Your Landscape Plan

Your landscape plan will be drafted to scale in AutoCAD. Drawings are formatted as 24"x36" PDFs, allowing you to view the design on your computer and print at your local printer. (Printing plans and shipping to you is available at a separate charge.)

Your finalized drawings will be presented in a second password protected video and include:

  • Scaled drawings with labels for grading, drainage, lighting, planting and site-specific notes.
  • Plant and material list including all species, selections, sizes, brands and quantities.
  • Phases of implementation if needed.
  • Dimensions of key areas and material callouts with reference photos.

Final drawing with materials, labels, note and relevant information. Multiple sheets may be required. (Click to enlarge)


I hired Chris to design my 1/2 acre Maui Meadows property.

Initial impressions were that he was on time, professional and listened well. He followed up immediately and kept a tight production timeline throughout. I was impressed with his ideas and completely blown away by the first draft and final product. In fact, the first draft was so spot on that we just tweaked a few things for the final product. He exceeded my expectations of capturing the essence of my vision for the property.

In addition to architectural drawings he created 2 videos to walk me through his work. This was a very nice touch as I was off island during the design phase. I was able to take his PDF files and send them to the copier for hard copies. I look forward to working with Chris as we move ahead with the project and will praise his work to whomever will listen. He is a rare find in Maui.

The whole experience was amazing. – Randy Templeton